Edcamp Philly 2014 Planning Has Begun!


Edcamp Philly Planning Team Meeting, 11/16/2013 (Left to Right): Kim Sivick, Mary Beth Hertz, Brian Fahey, Mike Ritzius, Jennifer Ward, Brooke Mulartrick. Not shown: Laura Blankenship, Kevin Jarrett

The 2014 Edcamp Philly planning team met officially for the first time yesterday for a planning meeting at City Tap House at 39th & Walnut. Returning veterans Mary Beth Hertz, Kevin Jarrett, Mike Ritzius and Kim Sivick were joined by new members Brian Fahey, Jennifer Ward, Brooke Mulartrick and Laura Blankenship to kick things off. (Not present: Hadley Ferguson, Kristen Swanson, Meredith Martin, Gerald Aungst, Robin Burns, Chad Evans, RJ Wasslink.)

We are EXTREMELY excited about planning the FIFTH installment of the Edcamp that started it all! We have tons of new ideas and more will surely come in the months ahead. Our first objective: a venue and a date! Watch this space for more information!



Author: Kevin Jarrett

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