Meet Rob Letcher, Director of Instruction, K12

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How are you involved in education?
I’m the Director of Instruction for K12, an online curriculum development and school management company.  I’m a teacher by training, having taught for 6 years in Philadelphia and running a drop-out prevention program in Berwick, PA.  On a daily basis, I’m discovering and creating new tools and trying out new and innovative models of education to better serve the students of the schools we support.

What’s your ideal classroom or school like?
My ideal classroom would provide an extremely customized educational experience to students…and it might not be a physical classroom.  For that fact, it might not be in a single place.  It would be a “moveable” education that meets the needs and preferences of the learner.  It would have the right amount of technology to do this, but would still have the human relationship between learner and teacher as it’s primary component.

Have you ever attended an unconference before?
I attended Educon 2.0 and 2.1 run by Chris Lehman.  I loved the fact that it was so unencumbered by the undertone of “making business contacts” that typical conferences share.  I wasn’t there to sell my company’s products or to be sold to by someone else.  It was a great example of ‘off-the-grid’ social networking focused around exceptional learning.

If you were to lead a session at Edcamp, what would it be about?
I’d probably demonstrate how incredibly cheap and easy it can be to start a small home-grown online program to extend the school day without having students (or teachers) staying at school longer.

Do you have a website or blog?

Are you on Twitter?

What is your favorite digital tool?
It’s a tie between Diigo and Evernote

Author: Kevin Jarrett

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