170 Days Later…

It’s hard to believe it’s not even been six months since we brought together a hundred or so really awesome educators into a shared space, crossed our fingers, and let them try meaningful, participant-driven professional development.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, it looked a lot like this:

Ed Camp from True Life Media on Vimeo.

Yeah, it was awesome. Thanks to sponsor True Life Media for making that.

So what’s happened in the last not quite six months? For the organizers, it’s been busy. Close to half of us have new jobs. Two of us moved out of the Philadelphia area.

Oh yeah, and edcamp has exploded around the country. Take a peek at our wiki. To date, there have been edcamps in Charlottesville, VA; Keene, NH; Cincinnati, OH; and another just this weekend in Kansas City, MO. We’ve even had our own spinoff with ntcamp for new teachers.

As exciting as that’s been, there’s an explosion of edcamps on the horizon. Next month there’s going to be a double-whammy day with New York City (SOLD OUT at 300 attendees!) and Citrus County, FL. January is going to bring edcamp all the way out west in Ocean County, CA and Tucson, AZ. ntcamp is taking its show on the road to Burlington, MA in February. Rumblings came about this weekend of an edcamp in Omaha, NE, in March. April will bring edcamp to Birmingham, AL, followed a week later in May by another doubleheader, this time between Detroit, MI, and Boston, MA.

Which, of course, should bring us right back around to the time for edcamp Philly 2011. Oh yeah, we’ve already started planning. In fact, we never really stopped.

Thanks to everybody who’s supported edcamp so far. It’s been a wild ride, and we’re honored that you’ve chosen to engage us in our experiment of teacher-organized, democratic professional development.

Author: Kevin Jarrett

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