Only five days left!

Hi Edcampers!

We can’t believe it either, but we’re only five days away from Edcamp Philly! We are so incredibly psyched right now, as we currently have more than 200 awesome educators registered for the event! Here’s everything you need to know right now!

Getting here:
If you’re coming from somewhere further afield than the immediate Philadelphia area, there’s lots of ways to get into the city without your car. Amtrak, Megabus, and BoltBus all will drop you off a mere 5 blocks away from the day’s events over at 30th Street Station. If you’re taking an airplane in, get on a SEPTA R1 train from the airport and it will also bring you to 30th Street. That would also be pretty convenient if you’re staying at the Sheraton under the Edcamp rate.

The morning of:
We’re going to start registration promptly at 8AM at the Creese Student Center (3141 Chestnut St.) at Drexel University. The event won’t kick off proper until 9:30, but there are a few bonuses for those of you who show up early:

  • Breakfast!
  • First crack at the schedule board to get prime rooms and/or times!
  • T-shirts!
  • Time to spend with awesome people and make those last minute tweaks to your sessions!

Please keep in mind when planning your session (you are planning a session, right?) that we have very few rooms with projectors, so don’t count on having one available unless you bring your own. If you do bring one, everybody will love you for sharing, though.

Tags and sharing:
If you’re on Twitter, please use the tag #edcamp so we can find all of the awesome stuff that you’re saying about the event! If you’re not on Twitter, but are wondering what all the hubbub is about, we’re planning on having a Twitter helpdesk where somebody will gladly explain to you why we like Twitter so much, and we’ll help you sign up and get your account all set. Coincidentally, we’re also looking for volunteers to help us staff said helpdesk, so if you’d like to help out for a while, let us know.
If you take photos or video the day of the event, please share them with our Flickr group!

After Edcamp ends, we’re having an afterparty hosted just a few blocks away at Slainte! Come by from 4-6PM, as we’re going to pay for a bunch of snacks that we’d prefer get eaten by Edcampers.

Where’s what again?
If you’re wondering how to get to any of the places mentioned in this post, you might appreciate this convenient Google Map:

View Edcamp Philly in a larger map

Again, we’re so excited to have you come play with us for a day filled with learning and making new friends. We honestly can’t believe how many people are coming to the event that we don’t know at all, and are really looking forward to meeting all of you!

-The Organizers

Author: Kevin Jarrett

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