Meet William Doane, Lecturer

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Name: William Doane

How are you involved in education?
I’m a lecturer at the University at Albany, SUNY. I also have taught for Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth from 2003-2009, Hampshire College (Amherst MA), and Skidmore College (Saratoga Springs, NY).

What’s your ideal classroom or school like?
I’ve taught large lectures (> 350 students) and small seminars (< 5 students). Just give me academic freedom, room to innovate, and engaged students (I'm willing to help the become engaged!) and I'm a happy teacher.

Have you ever attended an unconference before?
barCampNYC2, barCampRochester, RailsCamp, Barcamp Montreal, EduCampSaratoga (ran it, twice)

If you were to lead a session at Edcamp, what would it be about?
Taming technology in education; Copyright, the Creative Commons, and You; Why the Syllabus is the LEAST you can do to pass.

Do you have a website or blog?

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Author: Kevin Jarrett

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