Meet Andrew Marcinek, High School English Teacher and Technology Director

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Name: Andrew Marcinek

How are you involved in education?
I am a high school English teacher at the Boys’ Latin Charter School of Philadelphia. This past year, I taught 9th and 10th grade ELA. I also created a new position – Director of Instructional Technology –  that my school will be implementing this summer. This position will promote 21st Century learning in the classroom and further synthesize our curriculum and technology.

I also teach English composition at Montgomery County County Community College. I have been teaching for 6 years.

What’s your ideal classroom or school like?
My ideal classroom and school is paperless and transparent. Every student has a netbook and an iTouch. Our classroom sessions are inquiry driven and students work daily to find the best tools, resources to solve problems. Standardized tests are recycled into toilet paper.

Have you ever attended an unconference before?
No, but most recently I attended Educon 2.2. I also plan on attending ISTE in Denver this June.

If you were to lead a session at Edcamp, what would it be about?
Creating subversive Ed-Tech professional development for faculty. I would also like to lead a session on implementing social networking into the classroom and into the entire school.

Do you have a website or blog?

Are you on Twitter?


Author: Mary Beth

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