Meet Nicole Stulak, Instructional Coach

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How are you involved in education?

  • Instructional Coach at Downingtown Area School District

What’s do you want to learn – or share – at Edcamp Philly?

  • Looking forward to collaborating with other passionate educators about opportunities for innovation/STEM/STEAM in elementary schools. I am happy to share the experiences I have had in my own district, where I support purposeful tech integration/deliver PD on technology pedagogy/effective instructional practices, etc. This year our district has also implemented a Technology Plan which includes iPads (and laptops) in our 10 elementary schools (Primary classes have 10 each/Intermediate classes have 8 each & 14 laptops). I have enjoyed helping teachers design center/workshop models utilizing their iPads in ELA/Math/Content, introducing teachers to Formative Assessment tools that guide instruction (Socrative, Quizizz, Kahoot) and Collaboration/Creation & Presentation tools that engage and inspire (Google, iMovie, Nearpod, AdobeSlate). Can’t wait to share & learn at Edcamp Philly!

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Author: Kevin Jarrett

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