Meet Kathi Kersznowski, Elementary Computer Teacher

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How are you involved in education?

  • I currently teach elementary computers in Washington Township, Gloucester County. I also am lucky enough to provide professional development for staff in my district. I do a little blogging, a lot of social-media-ing, and a good amount of conference attending because I love what I do and I love to surround myself with others who do, too!

What’s do you want to learn – or share – at Edcamp Philly?

  • I want to learn about how people are using the site called Seesaw. I’m also always interested in learning GAFE stuff. I would love to attend a really good session on Mystery Skype, too. It might be cool to see a ‘hackerspace’ advertised for people who may want to spend an hour or two tinkering with electronics, arduinos, Raspberry Pi, etc. I’d be willing to share about Blendspace, Edpuzzle, and other ‘flipping’ tools. I can share my ideas about how to create a ‘Takerspace’. I’d also be willing to host a discussion group about clever ways to deliver tech PD.

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Author: Kevin Jarrett

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