Coming to #Edcamp Philly 2015? Please read this *NOW* (and keep for future reference!)

We, your friendly neighborhood edcamp philly organizing team, want to share these last-minute details to help ensure your edcamp experience is smooth, trouble free and overloaded with awesome:

Session Schedule

Event Location

Registration / doors open at 8:00 am

  • Please be patient as you see the organizing team and volunteers scurrying madly in the minutes leading up to 8:00 am … that is when we will begin checking people in!

Mass Transit

  • Suburban Station is the closest rail station. The school is an easy 10-minute walk from there: go east to 16th street, then 4 blocks north to Vine. The entrance will be on the left side of 16th at Vine.
  • The 2 bus stops at 17th and Summer (one block west of the school entrance), and the 27 bus stops at 16th and Race (one block south).
  • The Broad Street Line (subway) also has a stop between Race and Vine, about two blocks east of the school.


  • There is a lot at the corner of 16th and Spring Street, directly across 16th from the main entrance to String Theory School. Cost is $5 flat rate on Saturdays.

Walk-Ins are welcome!

  • We are thrilled to be able to say that we can allow walk-ins again this year. We’re expecting a large crowd – over 300 have said they are coming – why not allow for a few more? Our venue (and team) can handle it!

Breakfast & Schedule Creation

  • Once you’ve checked in, our friendly greeters will direct you to the cafe to enjoy some light refreshments and coffee courtesy of our terrific sponsor, PAECT! We’ll be creating the schedule in the same area, so, if things get crowded, please move around and find a place to sit and relax once you’ve gotten something to eat (and proposed a session if you wish.)


  • Yes! We’ll have WiFi. No! We won’t have cryptic, hard-to-read codes. Details will be available on the day of the event.

Stickers! And Tattoos!!

  • Not only have we got STICKERS again this year, but we’ve upped the ante with new Edcamp temporary tattoos! They will be available (on a first-come, first-served basis) until supplies are exhausted. One per Edcamper, please!

Edcamp Veterans

  • Are you an experienced Edcamper? Interested in acting as a greeter/volunteers to direct people and answer questions? Please let us know when you sign in!

Twitter Hashtag

  • #edcampphilly

Flickr Group & Flickr Photo Tag

Capturing the Learning

  • We have set up “Session Notes” Google Docs pages for each room and time slot. These documents are open for ALL to edit on Saturday. You can find the hyperlinks in the schedule.

“Smackdown” at 12:30 pm in the auditorium

  • A “Smackdown” is a fun, lively session where people from the audience take turns coming up to the podium and are given a very short amount of time (measured in minutes) to show and possibly demonstrate a particular Web 2.0 tool. Don’t miss it!

Door prizes will be given away after the Smackdown

  • We have some cool door prizes to give away thanks to our terrific sponsorsYou must be present to win – we will handing out raffle tickets as attendees enter the auditorium for the Smackdown.

After party at Logan Square starts at 1:30 pm

  • This year’s lunch/after-party will be held at Logan Square, two blocks west of the school. The festivities start at 1:30 and go until we’re sick of each other. Or dusk. Whichever comes first. There should be a group heading that way at the end of the Smackdown, and there are cafes and food trucks along the way, so come and hang out! Click here for a map.

“Leave No Trace”

  • We are so thankful the String Theory School has agreed to host our event this year. Please clean up after yourself. While you’re at it, please clean up after others, too. Please also keep food and drink only in the cafe area. Avoid bringing these to classrooms. We want to treat the facility with the respect it deserves and leave it in the same (or better) condition than we found it.
Discussion/Session Leaders Please Note! <= THIS IS IMPORTANT!
  • Each room is equipped with a projector connected to an Apple TV. Apple devices will be able to connect via AirPlay. Other devices will need an HDMI output or adapter. We won’t have any dedicated “tech support” so we’re on our own!

That should be it! If anything changes or if new information becomes available, it will be posted here on the blog. Have a question? Post a comment!


Author: Gerald Aungst

Professional learner. Author of 5 Principles of the Modern Mathematics Classroom. Edcamp Philly organizer. Husband, father, cook, coffee drinker, and gamer.

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