The Edcamp Afterparty Reimagined

Every year, Edcamp Philly has ended with a post-event gathering at a local watering hole. It’s always been a great opportunity for attendees to continue the conversation and connections started during the day.

This year, in keeping with our new, high-energy, concentrated schedule (same great learning, just in a smaller package), we’ve reinvented the afterparty. Since we’re ending around lunch, we’re giving the after party a new name: Lunch! And we’re taking it to the streets! Well, the circle anyway: Logan Circle. That’s right, lunch is al fresco!

Logan Circle is a short walk from String Theory School, the location of our 2015 Edcamp Philly. You have several options for dining. Besides the ever-popular Brown Bag Lunch, there are several cafes and food carts along the walk.

We heard that. Someone mentioned rain. Hear us clearly: There will be no rain. After all, everyone knows it’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Especially in May. OK, fine, in the highly unlikely event of inclement weather, we have a back up reservation at a nearby TGI Friday’s. But we repeat: There will be no rain.

We hope to see everyone in a couple of weeks. If you haven’t registered yet, do it today!

Author: Gerald Aungst

Professional learner. Author of 5 Principles of the Modern Mathematics Classroom. Edcamp Philly organizer. Husband, father, cook, coffee drinker, and gamer.

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