Thank you so much!

Dear Edcampers,

Thank you so much for giving us such an amazing day yesterday! It’s not even been 24 hours since the end of Edcamp Philly, and we are still all pretty much grinning from ear to ear about how well everything went, how passionate the discussion was, and how great all of the presenters were. It seemed as if the most common complaint people had yesterday was that science has not yet perfected cloning technology yet, because there were too many great-sounding sessions to attend! So a quick thanks to all of the awesome people who presented yesterday:

To see everything people have talked about and seen, we’ve got a few things for you to share to and check out:

  • On Twitter, please do continue to use the #edcamp hashtag when appropriate. If you would like to see the complete archives of the hashtag, check out our Twapper Keeper. Right now there are over 1500 tweets!
  • On Flickr, tag your photos “edcampphilly2010” and share them with the Edcamp group. Nearly 300 photos up so far!
  • Please fill in something of what you learned yesterday on the Wallwisher when you have a spare moment.
  • We would love to post links to any blog posts you’ve written reflecting on your experience at Edcamp. If you write one some time in the next week, please fill out this form with your name and a link to your post.

Yesterday turned out so well that some people have already started to think about planning Edcamp events in other locations! As a team, we’re working on a wiki where we’ll have lots of information about all of the things we did, so that you can hopefully skip some of our mistakes and follow through on some of the stuff we did right. We’ll work on getting that together over the course of the next month or two. In the meantime, though, here are some people that are hoping to put something together in their area. If you’re local to them, let them know if you’d be interested in helping out!

Once again, thank you to everybody who participated in Edcamp yesterday. We gave you a time and a place, you showed up and made it special.

-The Organizers

Author: Kevin Jarrett

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