Meet Rita Chuhran, Technology Integration Coach

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Name: Rita Chuhran

How are you involved in education?
I am a technology integration coach at Saucon Valley High School in Hellertown, PA. I am only on temporary assignment (as long as the grant money holds out). Next year I will be back in the classroom as a Social Studies teacher where I teach Government, Economics, Law & Justice, and Media Studies.

What’s your ideal classroom or school like?
I would love to see radical changes to the classroom setting. I want a school where every student has a laptop and guides their own education, where teachers are merely the motivators and catalysts for learning. Teachers would act collaboratively in teams instead of in rigidly imposed disciplines. (Hey, the question asked for “ideal”)

Have you ever attended an unconference before?

If you were to lead a session at Edcamp, what would it be about?
(1) Creating large scale PBL or Challenge based learning in the classroom, an open discussion about successes and failures of such projects.
(2) How technology can be leveraged to motivate underachieving students

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Author: Kevin Jarrett

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