Meet Louis Mazza, Media Arts and Literacy

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Name: Louis Mazza

How are you involved in education?
I teach Media Arts and Media Literacy at the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush

What’s your ideal classroom or school like?
Ideal school/classroom would be comfortable, modular (furniture on wheels) have lots of natural light. All walls covered with homasote (to impulsively hang sketches, ideas, photos, art work).
Well-equipped media center for production.
Well-equipped computer labs for post production.
Everyone has a laptop.

A place you WANT to go to, not a place you HAVE to go to.

Have you ever attended an unconference before?
Nope. Does EduCon count?

If you were to lead a session at Edcamp, what would it be about?
How to make a test that assesses the quality of students’ questions, not the accuracy of their answers.

Do you have a website or blog?

Are you on Twitter?

Author: Kevin Jarrett

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